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Regal Beats EP MIX

Hailing from the far-fetched corners of the globe, Dubai based Regal Beats brings their unique fusion of international grooves and well-travelled vernacular to the modern pop forum.

The 3 core members Hungarian guitarist Peter Antal, Australian lyricist / singer Jed Temple and Bulgarian pianist / producer Stoyan Stoyanov connected in the Dubai music scene on a co-production in Summer 2011 that would later become tagged as Regal Beats.

With each member a distinguished performer in their own right, the natural flow of sounds came together with electric simplicity. Joined by a great love for all music, and life well told, the band’s arrangements reflect the easy flowing companionship that defines the band.

Regal Beats prides itself on the blend of acoustic arrangements and energetic dance rhythms to bring a vibrant listening experience.

Love is Pain is Music is Life…

Real Beats – Get moved

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