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Storn is an award-winning performer, conductor and composer, currently living and working in Dubai.

He is a classically trained pianist and accordion player - a stylistic polymath with affinity for redrawing genre-lines for a maximum emotional effect. 

From the intimate jazz-trio, to the epic orchestral blast, from the pulsating dance grooves to the adrenaline-fueled movie sound tracks, from the ethereal choral writing to the raw power of ethnic instrumental arrangements, his music defies repertoire conventions.

For more than a decade, Storn’s work has delighted audiences in the Middle East and in Europe; helped numerous artists to find and express their own voice; provided a platform for advertisers and philanthropists appealing to the power of music.

As a composer for the visual arts, Storn has always sought the perfect match between a moving melody and a moving image.

His compositions are also audio solutions. They can tell a story, promote ideas, drive a campaign, recreate moods and emotions... 

Storn’s distinctive symphonic scoring, accomplished jazzmanship and technical skills leave every storytelling style open to his musical creativity.



Music Directing

Music Production


Arrangement and Orchestration

Studio recording

Music for TV, Web, Radio Commercials


Film music

Music for Events

Video games music

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